Wills Eye Manual 

Designed for the eye care provider who, in the midst of evaluating an eye problem, needs quick access to additional information. This latest update is based on the 5th edition and it includes additional features and enhanced functionality. Available for PDAs, and now the Iphone. We rate this product 5/5 stars. (Subscription or one-time download)




Apart from just having the best stethoscope, every physician should have ePocrates in their iphone, pda, etc. Allows you to check for interactions, dosages, prices, insurance plans, even photos of pills. All of this is with the free version, upgraded versions offer even more. Rating 5/5 stars (note price is subscription for 1 yr)


nextgen NextGen Ophthalmology

The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is the next step towards a more organized office. Many choices are available, but NextGen has been the consistent choice among many leading ophthalmologists, clinical trial centers, and our Joslin diabetes center affiliate at SETMA. The electronic health record can be used to track quality measures from AAAHC, PQRI, NCQA, DIabetes Recognition Program, HEDIS, PRNQF, NQF, PCPI, AQA
Rating 5/5 stars

sirwilliamOsler Review Course

Available in MP3 with electronic syllabus. Osler has two courses, one for the written boards and another for the oral boards. Osler specializes in mock oral exams. Live and electronic course is highly rated at 5/5 stars.



wills_logoWills Eye Ophthalmology Review Course

Live Lecture in Philadelphia, PA. Course is very intense with almost every detail explained. Course is geared towards the written oral exam and OKAP. Rating is 5/5 stars

quizwillscoverWills Eye Interactive Quiz Bank
Online review of clinical cases and questions in ophthalmology. This interactive site
Over 140 clinical cases, 350 high-yield color figures, and 850 questions. Rating 5/5 stars  (note price is subscription for 1 yr) GIVE AN ALTERNATE EMAIL ADDRESS TO THEM, EXPECT SPAM FOR LIFE FROM PUBLISHER WOLTERS KLUWER




Provision from the Academy of Ophthalmology
Web based practice questions. All subjects discussed. Fantastic photos. Outstanding descriptions. CME available. Grade reports available. Rating 5/5 stars  (note price is subscription for 1 yr)


jules$20steinComprehensive Ophthalmology Review Course Doheny Eye Institute and Jules Stein Eye Institute

Continuing Medical Education David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Course

Directors: David Sarraf, MD and John Irvine, MD

The course features speakers from Jules Stein Eye Institute and Doheny Eye Institute. This course is now available  in a variety of media formats: DVD, MP4, MP3, and audio CD. Course rating is 5/5 stars. Live course is also available.





buzzwords2High-yield review for the OKAP and boards. An audio book of over 850 questions and answers covering the etiology, differential diagnoses, and treatments of eye diseases. Listen to Ophthalmology Buzzwords on your iPod, computer or in your car using an MP3 player.